Artistic Tango Photos

When Eduardo Arrossi had the idea in 1990 that his photographs of Buenos Aires would help renew the market of tourist postcards with an artistic eye, he never imagined that this would result in one of the most prominent photographic collections in the format of postcards in Argentina.

The Tango, the most important icon of the Argentinean culture, resulted in the leitmotiv of the collection along the Obelisk of the city, the other urban icon. With the participation and help of outstanding dancers, different productions were made throughout 15 years and the photos quickly became a popular souvenir with the public.


Each of the images in this exhibit is the result of the artistic vision in search of the heart and soul of the city and Eduardo Arrossi achieved the best tango poses with his models inserted in the urban landscape .

Established in the United States in 2002 and dedicated to photography in Washington DC, here Eduardo Arrossi presents twenty of his photos of Tango in a format that allows the viewer to appreciate the beauty and sensuality of Tango with the City of Buenos Aires as a silent witness in each photo.

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