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Missing Tango? Dream

Missing Tango – Dream where to go!

Are you stuck at home for the coronavirus?

Are you missing your milongas?

This situation will not last forever, hopefully, the virus will go away, and, hopefully, milongas will start again all over the world.

Maybe this is a good time to dream of going to dance the tango in some exotic, remote country, or just around the corner where you always do with your dear friends.

In any case, here you will find the most complete list of tango venues around the world I could put together.

Of course, it’s incomplete, if I missed you don’t be mad at me, just add the information on your event, organization, or festival and I will add you to the site.

At the bottom of every page there is a form you to do so.


Missing Tango – Dream where to go!
Look for places where you can learn and dance the tango around the world