Music in Motion


Fernanda Ghi & Guillermo Merlo

DVD Music in Motion $20.00 + shipping

This material is inspired by all the people who wish that Tango, “our dance”, is thaught in a complete and clear way, honoring its essence.

Music is a gift to be danced and enjoyed, but it needs to be understood. Dance is one of the most beautiful ways to interpret music.

That is why dancers and musicians must work together to reach the highest level of expansion and growth within this art form.


1. Presentation
2. The Musicians
3. Dancer’s and Musicians
4. Technique to define the Style
5. The Personal Style
6. The Singer and the Music
7. The Feeling, emotion in the Tango
8. Embelishments
9. The Creativity
10. A Short message from Fernanda and Guillermo

Fernanda & Guillermo Teach Tango