New Glossary of Tango Dance

new glossary

Benzecry Sabá

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The New Glossary of Tango Dance is the result of a 10 years long thoughful research. Its first edition, published in 2004, was an outstanding success. Its demand all over the world made it be re-printed several times.


new glossary+DVDNew Glossary of Tango Dance. Key Tango Argentino dance terms + 1 DVD showing 285 Tango words and movements

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In this New Glossary of Tango Dance,   Benzecry Sabá sets out   with approximately 390  terms;  he  digs deeper  in  the description of Tango Styles and  adds  illustrative  pictures of significant  importance. He  has also included from the oldest to the  newest  expressions rooted  in Buenos  Aires that build up the vocabulary of the tango  dancer. He has also increased   the number  of  professionals that had been asked about different subjects.

This time the book is presented exclusively in English with a neat, reader-­friendly design.

Thus, this is a book that is useful both for teachers and students,  as well as for the versed dancers that had been able to witness   the world-­wide development of the dance that has been captivating the world ́s attention for over 150  years.

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