Tango Tales

Tango Tales

Jorge Lindman

Bilingual release / Edición bilingüe

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It is said that when you learn to dance tango you are trapped by a kind of mysterious spell, enchanting but dangerous, because of the seduction of the dance, the strange attraction that unites two people that, maybe, do not know each other. However, many other signs will show up in the milonga. That is, the place where people go to dance tango, a place of powerful reunions and, at the same time, of big disillusions. Like the water in the seacoast that comes and goes, dancers communicate with each other, get lost in the music and the steps, surrender, and possibly they will start a relationship that, sooner or later, will end up in disillusion, the fall of the fiction. These stories want to show the disillusions, the need for fiction, the fantasies that do not come true, the failed love stories, the disguised loneliness, annoying and lying nights, the lacks hidden by frenzies and the moving passions between men and women when they dance the tango rhythm.

Jorge Lindman, writer, sociologist, journalist, traveler and dancer, of course porteño (he lives in Buenos Aires), he goes through life with several passions, among them literature and tango.

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