Tango: The Structure of the Dance Vol.1

tango the structure of the dance 1

The key to its secrets revealed

Mauricio Castro

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Mauricio Castro’s book offers a new system to help the dancer creatively develop his/her tango using solidly established technical foundations. The instructions can be easily followed with the help of a series of two and three-dimensional diagrams especially designed by the author.

The method is explained in a clear, concise and efficient way and includes lessons for the beginner to the most advanced in tango dance theory.

This book revolutionizes all of the traditional concepts used until now in the teaching of this sensuous, passionate and complex dance form which aquires enthusiastic new followers daily, all around the world.

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2 thoughts on “Tango: The Structure of the Dance Vol.1

  1. “The whole thing is good, but what you really want is the first 15 or 20 of the “Theory” section. ”
    Paul Cantrell
    “I’ve been learning tango for a long time, and finally I have found a system that makes sense to me. ”
    “It is very well design, and the graphics are clear to understand. ”
    David Lamar

  2. By A Customer
    My boyfriend who is a computer programmer has been struggling with tango and refusing to dance with me. I bought him a copy of this book to try to encourage him. He read the section on ochos and said “Aha! It says here you can do it in parallel or cross systems” then all of a sudden he knew how it all works. I still prefer to learn kinestheticly by taking lessons, but for his analytical mind this approach worked like a charm.

    By Isabel Neilan
    I have finally found a book seriously written about this beautiful dance. I recommend it to anyone that really wants to improve.

    By Alberto Nenti
    Mauricio’s handbook is both a great starter book for those looking to get into the tango scene, and a great refresher for those who have had some tango classes. It introduces the basic steps that you will need to know in order to get any further in this line of dance. The instructions are very easy to understand and the pictures are very helpful. If you would like to learn some of the moves (and feel comfortable doing them) before you take a class with a live instructor, this book is what you need.

    By Natalia Solar
    Is the first time I have found an intresting book about the dance.

    By David Lamar
    I started to dance 3 years ago, and this book has been the most helpfull tool to my learning process. It is very well design, and the graphics are clear to understand.

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