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Internships Abroad in Argentina:
A True Immersion Experience

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Internships Abroad in Argentina: A True Immersion Experience

Author: Nick Mares

An internship abroad has become an increasingly popular option for students traveling abroad; an opportunity that didn't exist even 10 years ago. Coupled with or independent of study abroad, an internship in Argentina is a fantastic way to improve Spanish language skills. It's also an opportunity to gain valuable experience in the business world and also provides a unique look into the way a different culture functions. Traveling for pleasure is certainly a viable way to experience foreign countries, yet there is something special about working alongside foreigners and sharing their way of life. In the case of Argentina, it now easier than ever to get involved in a variety of fields and add travel and work experience to your resume'. Buenos Aires is a city in which interns have little difficulty finding a company or organization that matches their field of study. Some of the more popular fields include law, international business, medicine, politics/human rights, and journalism. Each internship program is personalized to fit the intern's availability and interests so that they have a meaningful work experience, furthering future career goals.

Internships are a great option because they are flexible enough to allow for travel, yet provide serious opportunities for in-depth and important work. While internships in the United States often consist of nothing more than menial tasks like copying or filing, businesses in Argentina take a much different view on the internship concept. Internships are actually called “Pre-professional Practices” and are considered an integral part of a successful business model. Interns in Buenos Aires receive assignments that are challenging, rewarding, and important to the company which fosters a real sense of belonging and importance. One of the biggest benefits of an international internship in Argentina is the amount if valuable contacts that one can make while working abroad. These are contacts that will certainly aide future endeavors in your chosen field of study.

The benefits of an internship in Buenos Aires are, of course, not limited to the work experience. Regarded as the Paris of South America, Buenos Aires is brimming with culture, nightlife, and wonderful experiences to be had. Among other things, Buenos Aires is the birthplace of Tango, the home of the Boca Juniors and a steak-lovers paradise. There really is something for everyone in the city known for its nightlife and great museums. As the central hub of everything Argentine from commerce to culture, Buenos Aires is a great location for people looking to see and experience a different culture. A true immersion experience awaits those who are interested in interning and living in Argentina.

Speaking Spanish in a work setting provides a type of learning environment that no classroom can replicate. It's not always easy, but communicating in the workplace is a really great way to improve or perfect your Spanish. In order to get the most out of an internship, participants must have at least a basic understanding of Spanish when they arrive. Interns also have the option of taking intensive Spanish classes before or during their internship placement. As mentioned previously, the businesses that offer these internships are aware of the fact that their interns are interested in traveling and experiencing the culture of Argentina so schedule flexibility is understood. Upon arriving, interns meet with their supervisor to establish their own schedule of around twenty hours per week(or possibly more if the participant desires). Upon completion of their internships, participants can request an evaluation and a letter of recommendation from their internship supervisor so that they can return to their home country with feedback and future references.

Internships in Buenos Aires, Argentina are an increasingly popular option for people who want to gain more than a tourist experience from their trip to South America. It's a great idea for students who desire a different and meaningful abroad experience. New internship fields are always being added to accommodate the growing demand for a variety of fields. There is no better time than now to take advantage of the internship opportunities available in Buenos Aires where you will have an unforgettable and enriching immersion experience.

About the author:

Nick Mares is a 23-year old living and working in Buenos Aires, Argentina. For more information on internships in Buenos Aires, Argentina contact Road2Argentina for more information. In addition to internships, Road2Argentina offers housing accommodations, volunteer work and university semesters.


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