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Tango Italia - Argentine Tango in Italy

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Tango Italia:  Tango Argentino - Argentine Tango
your guide to tango in Italy: click on the region name for tango venues

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Italian Musicians and shows


Unfortunately there isn't available one single source of information
on tango milongas and events in Italy, you have to search through
at least a couple of sources, and then confirm that the event is still on.
The information on the more tango-developed locations (Milano, Rome,
Bologna, Torino) tends to be volatile and incomplete, while the info on
the more peripheral cities tends to be more stable and complete.

Federation of Italian Tango Associations


Faitango Calendar of tango events in Italy

The link above takes you to the database of events advertised on the Faitango Site.
The database is kept current directly by the tangueros responsible for the event.
While the information is mainly in Italian, you will be able to understand the date, the city and the address.

To access the list of events:
You will see a table listing "Data" = Date, "Citta'" = City, "Descrizione" = Description and "Dettagli" = Info.
"Avvia Ricerca" = Search.
On the line of the event you are interested into, click the name of the event to get the info,
you will usually find the address of the place where the event will take place and date and time.

Research the event you are interested in at

This site allows you to search the event you are interested into by Region, Province, City, date and event type.
The information is updated by the event organizers and tends to be up to date, even if not complete.
It's only in Italian, but it shouldn't be difficult to use even if you don't speak the language just remember:
"Quando" = When, "Dove" = Where, "Tipologia" = Type, ignore the other fields and click:
"Cerca tra gli eventi" = Search.


Regional Mailing Lists - Liste regionali:

TangoPiemonte, TangoLombardia, TangoLiguria, Tango-Toscana
TangoEmiliaRomagna, malen@: Roma and Lazio, TangoCampania,
TangoPuglia TangoargentinosudItalia
TangoBologna,  Medialuna_tango (Cesena) , barriodetango (Reggio Emilia)
Listango (Mantova), TangoSicilia, TangoUmbria
TangoCalabria, Tangonews, Tangonews-tangocontemporaneo

Dona Rosa - Atelier del Tango
Via San Marino 106
10137 Torino (TO)
tel. 011/32.48.702

Tango & Art holidays in Umbria

"Tango & Art holidays in an Umbrian country house"
"Vacanze di Tango in Umbria"


VacanzeTango - Tango Holidays

e-mail +39-333 2593127 Carla Terlizzi
+39 339 7230770 Ricardo Gallo

Anime Altrove

A book on a journey through tango in Italy

SIGILLO Edizioni

tango publications, books - DVDs

Ivana Brigliadori

Libro sul tango - Tango book


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