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Where and how to buy tango CDs:

Wines with tango labels:

There are several wines with tango dancers on the label. Here are some choices --I'm sure there are others I'm missing:

Romance Wines from Mendoza. They make a Red and a White.

Letra de Tango (a subdivision of Lagarde) from Mendoza. They made a Malbec, a Merlot and a Viognier in 1999... I don't know if they are still in production. Lagarde continues to make numerous wines.

One quick option you have is printing your own custom art labels at home and covering up the generic originals with yours. If you had more lead time you could achieve higher quality and order custom labels from The Connoisseur in Kansas City which is a 'short' 3-hour drive from Mt.Vernon. Or you could have the custom bottles shipped.

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