CDs Rom – DVDs for Tango Music

CDs Rom - DVDs
Dancing the tango in Buenos Aires – Photo © Eddie Arrossi

CDs Rom – DVDs are an important part of the Tango culture.
Learning the tango through DVD lessons becomes a necessity for isolated tango communities, as it’s not always possible to travel long distances to reach other venues.

Mauricio Castro
Advanced Classes July-August 2001 (CD Rom)
Advanced Classes March-April 2002 (CD Rom)
Boleos 1 (CD Rom)
Boleos 2 (CD Rom)
Improvisation Technique Vol. 1, 2, 3 & 4
Men’s Technique (CD Rom)
Sacadas 1 (CD Rom)
Sacadas 2 (CD Rom)
Tango Dance Training Vol. 1 (DVD)
Tango Dance Training Vol. 2 (DVD)
Tango Dance Training Vol. 3 (DVD)
The Matrix (CD Rom)
The structure of the dance 1 (CD Rom)

Giorgio Proserpio e Monica Gallarate
DVD Corso di Tango Argentino
DVD Tango livello Avanzato
DVD Milonga Traspiè
DVD Nuovo Corso di Tango
DVD Tango Nuevo
DVD Corso di Milonga
DVD Tango Vals
DVD Tango Show
– DVD Tango Milonguero
DVD Tango, Esercizi e Tecnica
DVD Tango Canyengue
DVD Tango Terapia
DVD Mundial de Tango 2007

Video content available for your smartphone Apple iPhone
A new emerging tendency in the field of how instructional videos are delivered.

Alex KrebsiPhone/iPad/iTouch App or DVD 
Learn Argentine Tango Vol 1 – Beg.
Learn Argentine Tango Vol 2 – Int.
Learn Argentine Tango Vol 3 – Int./Adv.
Learn Argentine Tango Vol 4 – Adv.
Learn Argentine Tango Vol 5 – Tech.
Learn Argentine Tango Vol 6 – Milonga
Learn Argentine Tango Vol 7 – Music

Performance Video material on CDs Rom – DVDs

Ermanno Felli
DVD Felix Picherna “Walking Tango in Moscow”

Ariel Ardit & Orquesta Típica
– A Los Cantores – En Vivo CD & DVD!!

Milongas de Buenos Aires
– The Road to Tango – La ruta del tango CD + DVD !!

Narcotango En Vivo
– Carlos Libedinsky CD + DVD !!

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