Coop Made in USA

Enrico Massetti
Coops made in USA

Uber and Lift drivers should be employees or independent contractors? Neither, they should be APP-cooperators instead, controlling their APP.

This new edition of my book Coop Made in USA, first released in 2011, includes 79 videos, for several hours of video material, all active when connected to the internet, most of them realized by the cooperators. Still, I added them to make the content less boring, more entertaining, and lively with some surprises.

I added a section on Electric cooperatives and their new role in bridging the rural divide to bring the internet to rural America, a major issue for a large part of the population in rural America.

I also added a section on recent developments in cooperatives, with the initiatives of the Evergreen Cooperatives and the Cleveland Foundation, and the cooperation by the USW with the Spanish Mondragon cooperatives. They are models of new ways the cooperative movement takes shape outside of old established models.

I open a debate on what is real Innovation in the world in which we live: it’s only a new smartphone model or an idea from a country kid is equally important for society? Who has an interest in convincing us that only a NEW PRODUCT deserves the title to be innovative? The billionaires backing the company that makes the product?

The Lusty Lady Theater gets full video coverage; it is history now, but what they achieved stays for future memory.

I apologize to all the existing cooperators for the requests and suggestions I give them: they do not want to be a critique but rather a stimulus to do even better a job that I consider very successfully well done.


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