Inside Tango Argentino

The Story of the Most Important Tango Show of All Time
Edizione in italiano

Anton Gazenbeek

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Tango Argentino was the groundbreaking show that led to the renaissance of interest in Argentine Tango. It premiered in Paris, then conquered Broadway and, later, toured the whole world. It had an enormous cultural influence on the understanding of tango history, music and dance, fashion, hair, and makeup.

After seven years of research and writing, tango historian Antón Gazenbeek presents his in-depth book on the history of the show Tango Argentino. The book includes never before seen backstage photographs, memorabilia from the show, and fascinating inside stories taken directly from personal interviews with all the surviving cast members. The book has an intimate narration that allows you to be a part of the show’s creation, its backstage dramas, and onstage triumphs. Don’t miss this book!

Stories, characters, fashion, music and much more quickly follow each other and make us understand why the Tango is, again, become irresistible. A must read!

Comments: What a book!

It starts undertone, that the reader is likely to say “well, everything was already written, but let’s see what else he has to say…”, but you cannot do anything but read it thoroughly, and quickly! Simply enchanting, like the show, that taking us to the beginning of Tango accompanied us in its history, by gradually arising in the “viewer” the irresistible urge to Tango.

In the book, we come face to face with the myths of the dancers, musicians, and singers, we are told some gossip about fights and jealousies in the backstage and about the creation of the dresses, now icons of any tango show.

We read also that the Japanese Emperor Hirohito and Princess Diana were so enchanted that they wanted to learn the Tango!

What we could guess in Sally Potter’s 1997 movie icon “Tango Lesson” and “Tango” by Carlos Saura in 1998 (the first tells the effect on the viewer of the show, while the second plots and jealousies of the cast during the creation of a show), is finally confirmed: only knowing the beginning of this new era we can better understand its current global success. The Tango is a universal language!

Yes, this is an indispensable book for Tango lovers and not only!

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