Tango Argentino: Inside the Show Tango Argentino

Inside The Show Tango Argentino – Read it with a coffee!

The military regime that ruled Argentina from 1976 to 1983 killed the Tango.
The show Tango Argentino raised it from the death bed.

Antón Gazenbeek

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Argentine Tango, presented for the Tony Awards in Los Angeles in 1986
Inside the Show Tango Argentino – Description

During the dark years of the military dictatorship, Tango had fallen into oblivion all over the world, most especially in Argentina. The “Tango Argentino” show was the show that led to the worldwide revival of interest in Tango. It debuted in Paris, then conquered Broadway and, later, the whole world.

Juan Carlos Copes, Miguel Ángel Zotto, and Milena Plebs, Gloria and Rodolfo Dinzel, Gloria and Eduardo, Virulazo, and Elvira are some of the artists who participated in this legendary show and are described in great detail in this book, now known as the definitive work on Tango Argentino.

Every serious tanguero should know the history of the revival of Tango and this book is for them.

Tango Argentino: What a book!

What a book! It enchants immediately, like the show, taking us to the beginnings of Tango, accompanying us in its history, gradually creating the irresistible desire of Tango in the reader.

In the book, we come face to face with the myths of the dancers, musicians, and singers. It tells us some gossip about the fights and jealousies behind the scenes and tells us also about the creation of the costumes, now iconic in the worlds of theater and fashion.

We also read that Lady Diana and the Japanese Emperor Hirohito were so enchanted by the Tango that they wanted to learn it.

It is finally confirmed: only by knowing the beginning of this new era, we can better understand its current global success.

Tango is a universal language!

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Some scenes of Tango Argentino in a 1989 promo of a German TV station
The History of Argentina, of tango, and of Tango Argentino

Edizione in Italiano: Dentro lo Show Tango Argentino.