Tango Argentino – A Pocket Breviary for its dancers

Patricia Müller
Tango Argentino – A Pocket Breviary for its dancers

In this book, we discover the code of honor of the ‘portenos’ dancers of the Tango Milonguero, who have remained ‘uncontaminated’ by the tourism surrounding the Tango, the major part of whom are more or less 70-80 years old.

Their behavior reflects concepts that were already spoken of in ancient China!

Let’s discover them together by following in the footsteps of the Chinese philosopher, Lao Tse, and of Los Viejos Milongueros.

You will surely be astonished by what you discover!

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Tango Argentino - A Pocket Breviary

Tango Argentino – A Pocket Breviary:
A biography of Patricia

Since 1995 I have been teaching Argentine Tango for the ballroom, also called Tango de Salón or Tango Milonguero.

I teach the rhythm, the particularities of orchestras and singers. I also teach the typical Buenos Aires culture of how to behave in ballrooms.

By developing an innovative educational program, ‘newtangodidactics’, it is easy to acquire a conscious mastery of the passionate movement of Tango.

From 1997 onwards my students have performed in various events and theaters in Florence.
From 1998 to today I have organized visits and courses of world-renowned Argentine masters.

I have taught in various prestigious Florentine, Sienese, Bari schools, but also Dutch and German.

I also teach the profession of Tango DJ and I have managed tango / milongas halls from 1996 onwards. In 2008 I published the book ‘Argentine Tango: small breviary for his dancers’. Followed a year later by ‘Tango Argentino in Buenos Aires. 36 stratagems to dance it happily “. Both have also been translated into foreign languages.

Follows in 2010 on Youtube ‘Dai Shtetlekh in Buenos Aires – Jews in Tango’, a short film in Italian, with subtitles in German, English, and Spanish.

Later, in 2000 I danced in the Tango Film Festival Poggetto / Flog, Florence.
In 2011 I presented my books in the Tango Festival of Ferrara.

There was talk of me in the magazine ‘Firenze’. The magazine ‘el Tanguero’ published a review of my books and my way of teaching.

I was then present in various editions of the dance exhibition ‘Danza in Fiera’ in Florence and I participated several times in an Rtv38 program.

And finally, even today after more than 25 years, I like to dance Argentine Tango!

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