Tango CDs – Mostly for dancing, some for listening

Tango CDs
Dancing the tango in Buenos Aires – Photo © Eddie Arrossi

Tango CDs: Music is the indispensable foundation for dancing the tango. Specialized labels provide CDs with the recordings of the Orchestras of the Golden Age. Some publish contemporary music.

Argentine Tango Music Database from Austria

TANGO-DJ.AT tango database with 70.000+ recordings

Japanese Labels

Club Tango Argentino (CTA) is a private label. Akihito Baba-san is based in Tokio/Japan and publishes it. It is probably the most famous and important private Tango label worldwide. They produce each one in very limited numbers and do not reprint it if it went out of print, which can happen within weeks.
160 listed by TANGO-DJ.AT

Asociación de la Musica Porteña (AMP)
Yoshihiro Oiwa-san founded AMP. Yoshihiro Oiwa-san sadly passed away, AMP did not publish any new releases. You can buy only the CDs that are in stock.
121 listed by TANGO-DJ.AT

Audio Park
Shigeru Terada-san owns Audio Park. He is publishing the series of Juan D’Arienzo CDs produced by Yasuhiko Fukukawa-san. It’s one important sources for the best quality D’Arienzo recordings. Audio Parks keeps reprinting those making them available to you.
21 listed by TANGO-DJ.AT

Latin American Labels

Buenos Aires Tango Club (BATC)
31 listed by TANGO-DJ.AT

Sondor is an Uruguayan label offering plenty of recordings of Uruguayan musicians. This is the label to look for Tango recordings of Miguel Villasboas, Uruguayan folklore music, and the famous Milonga “Mi Vieja Linda” by Emilio Pellejero.
25 listed by TANGO-DJ.AT

European Labels

Harlequin is a little known English label. Their CDs have a reasonable price and some of them offer unmatched quality of recordings. TANGO-DJ.AT reprinted several on custom orders, and they are available again for you.
29 listed by TANGO-DJ.AT

154 listed by TANGO-DJ.AT

Various labels
288 listed by TANGO-DJ.AT

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Archivo RCA
Blue Moon
(BATC) Buenos Aires Tango Club
Coleccion Juan D`Arienzo
El Bandoneon
From Argentina to the World
Grandes Del Tango
Oriente Musik
RCA Victor 100 Anos
Reliquias Collection
GS – Tango Collection
Solo Tango
Tango Argentino Collection
78RPM Collection

Tangos 1920’s
Tangos 1930’s
Tangos 1940’s
Tangos 1950’s
Tangos 1960’s

Electronic Tangos
Traditional Tangos – modern era
Alternative Music

Canada Stores online

Totango.net – Classic Tango Recordings Restored and Remastered

Music CDs for Listening

Some of the Tango CDs are from music groups in the page Music.
I would consider them Tango Music for Listening.

Independent productions

Trifilio Tango Trio
Tango Suite No 1 Iv Regreso Al Amor
Bienvenidos Al Ring

Michael Zisman is the one jazz bandoneon player.