Tango Zen: Walking Dance Meditation


Chan Park

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Would you like to meditate while dancing Tango? Yes, Buddha can teach you to dance Tango through Zen. You might ask, “How does Tango have anything to do with Zen?”

TangoZen is an innovative yet natural way of meditating while dancing Tango. Referring to striking similarities between the two, this book will introduce methods through which Tango dancers and non-dancers can practice TangoZen to experience and enjoy the wonderful benefits, which both Tango and Zen have to offer.

Everybody knows meditation is a good thing. For example, Zen meditation, if practiced properly, can create balance, calmness, groundedness, centering, and harmony in mind and body. However, it is difficult to meditate for many reasons. Meditation is mainly practiced while sitting with legs crossed to support and ground one’s body. Unfortunately this sitting posture can create uncomfortable feelings and even pains before you benefit from the meditation practice. In addition, despite the importance of practicing meditation regularly, it can be difficult to stick to it with regularity due to the hectic life style we live every day.

Can one meditate while moving around instead of sitting down? Although it appears to be sedate and passive, Zen meditation can also be practiced in more active ways than the sitting posture. For example, walking meditation has been practiced among Buddhists since the Buddha himself practiced it. Other forms of Zen meditation in motion can also be found in sports and performing arts.

Tango is a walking dance—a special gift from Argentina to the world. Unlike the Tango images of sexy and provocative movements commonly featured in the media, Tango is a social dance that should be danced while walking. Of course, one embraces a partner and listens to music while walking. Tango dancing has the potential to positively affect various social, physical and emotional aspects of our existence. What is more, the effects and benefits of meditation are experienced and shared among avid Tango dancers.

The main goal of meditation is to discover and reconcile one’s own nature. To reach that goal, Zen teaches us to devote 100% of our attention to what we are doing Here Now. Tango is a dance of connection, uniting one and one’s partner while walking and listening to music—together. Tango can be fully enjoyed only if one completely surrenders to and connects with one’s partner, both physically and emotionally, while dancing. Therefore, once recognizing similarities and benefits of the two, one can truly unite and practice Tango and Zen. One can meditate while dancing Tango, experiencing deeper appreciation of physical, emotional, and even spiritual aspects of inner-self. That is, one can practice TangoZen: Walking Dance Meditation.

Tango, Tango, Tango. . .

Chan Park

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