YOGA Through Dance in Primary Schools

yoga through dance

Ivana Brigliadori

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In July 2007, thanks to a protocol of understanding between the Ministry of Public Instruction and the National Yoga Federation, the ancient meditative and ascetic art of Yoga based on the sequential combination of positions that are generally known by the Hindu word ASANA and the spiritual reflections that come from listening to one’s own breathing and a greater awareness of one’s own existence in the “here and now” as body and soul made its official debut into the public schools of Italy, thus determining the development of a new pedagogical and educational project capable of helping children, boys and girls, and adults as well to find themselves anew through Yoga.

The space in which our children (and not just them) act and live impels us toward the virtual world rather than the real world as we become a society ever more inclined to follow the images that flow before us, the uncontrolled accretion of the instants that we don’t even realize we are living, a society that pays little attention to children as children but appears to value them only as individuals destined to be consumers of the products that advertising incessantly promotes to their mothers.

The ever more widespread use of information technologies and the most modern technological instruments with all their applications make it necessary for us to find new keys to the interpretation of what the moment of learning is all about.

The author draws the actual narration of her project of inserting Yoga in the schools directly out of the sample exercises and practices that bring together music, movements, words, and teachings in an attempt to discover an alternative language that emerges from the numerous literary citations relating to the child and his development as well as from his relationships to teachers and parents.

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